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Animated Suchness is a place on the web via WIX where Ryan Seslow and his team of all stars creatives share their Animation, Design & Illustration work. The team puts an emphasis on creating animated GIFs & colorful illustrations for both clients and pleasure. Their main objective is to make everyone smile. Smiling leads to happiness. GIFs make people happy and happiness needs spreading! We love helping people to express themselves!

Animated Suchness also promote online exhibitions. We see the Internet as a great platform for sharing and promoting creative projects. From time to time you will see us roll out a new body of work creative specifically just for this website as well as cross-publishing it with ryanseslow.com

Check out our first Digital Art Exhibition here - Communicating My Deaf & Hard 0f Hearing Self

Wally Sutton

Ryan Seslow


Wally joined our team in 2015. A long term animator and visual artist, Wally turned to making only GIFs in 2015 and never looked back. 

Animator / Graphic Designer

Ryan Seslow started the team! Artist, graphic designer and animator. He loves to make GIFs, and kinda cant stop..

Phil Meyers

Art Director

Phil joined the team back in 1997. A veteran in the applied to digital realm, Phil handles all the big decisions about what gets published.

Wendy Chultz

Artist / Designer

Wendy joined the team in 2012. A multidisciplinary all in one-r, Wendy gets everything done 2 days before deadlines. (We would be lost with out her).